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Vacations from Hell

These unlucky travelers shared their dream getaways turned vacation nightmares on Hope this doesn’t happen to you!

Photo: Getty Images / The Nest

We took an overnight train in Italy once, and another passenger brought a big dog on the train. In the morning, we found dog pee all over our shoes and bags that had been on the floor. --jackieo1309

We booked a hotel in Tennessee that we thought was reputable, but when we got there, the room was full of roaches. --1969june

My husband got food poisoning on an overnight flight from Toronto to England. He ended up wearing my clothes off the plane. --Aunds

We rented a motorbike in Cozumel...and wrecked it! The left side of my body was bandaged for the whole rest of our honeymoon, and we had to pay for damages to the bike. --EmilyS2

This rotten kid at Disney kept poking us in line and bumping into us, and his parents never said anything! --cecora8488

We went on vacation with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law. On the first day, I broke the back taillight on my sister's vehicle by hitting a tree. Let's just say it made for a tense rest of the week. --okcgirl24

We went on a cruise for our honeymoon, and it turned out no ships were allowed to stop in Cozumel, where we were headed, because there was a swine flu outbreak there. So we were stuck on the ship for a lot longer than we had planned. Not fun! --dvickers

We were evacuated from our honeymoon on Ambergris Caye, Belize, by a Category 5 hurricane. --nikinikinine

We took a long weekend to go camping. The first night, rain turned into snow with high-speed winds. Our tent leaked, our sleeping bags were soaked, and our lips were blue by the next morning. -- Jservadio

“When we were in Hawaii, we decided to check out one of the more secluded beaches. We had to climb over some rocks to get there, and we’d put our stuff down before noticing that we were at a nude beach -- and, unfortunately, we had come on senior (as in over 55) day. We were not prepared to see grandma’s bush.”
-- majorwife

“We ran right into a barracuda while swimming on vacation in Anguilla. Oh, and we also got stuck in a hurricane -- same trip.”
-- amy21tom

“We rented a house at the beach and ended up getting locked out after skinny-dipping one night. We had to go knock on a neighbor’s door in just our towels and ask to use his phone.”
-- Arielle123

“My husband ruptured his Achilles tendon three days before we left for Hawaii, but we couldn’t get our money back, so we went anyway. On our last day, we woke up at 4 a.m. to a tsunami warning and spent the entire day driving away from the tsunami, taking breaks to possibly “wait it out,” which meant just sitting in our car in various parking lots. By the way, the tsunami never happened.”
-- pinkpowerranger

“I let my husband plan our honeymoon, and it’s the last time I’ll let him plan a trip. He booked a resort in the Poconos that was a disaster. One look at this room, and I wanted to sleep in the car. There was dirty pink carpet on the floor and walls, mirrors everywhere, and the light bulbs in the ceiling were red. There was a radiator chained to the wall, a heart-shaped tub, and the linens looked like they were from 1972. The carpet was so gross that we laid down towels to walk on it. The property was even worse: There was a roller-skating rink in the gymnasium (middle school?), no cable, and since it rained most of the days, our only entertainment was to go to the resort’s shows -- which were, predictably, terrible!”
-- caden

“My husband and I went on a rafting trip in Austria. During a practice run-through of the commands, which were in German (neither of us speak German), the woman across from me accidentally swung her oar smack across my face. I was bleeding and had a black eye and couldn’t do anything because we were in choppy rapids and we didn’t know how to yell to the leader in German.”
-- smcbady

“We rented scooters in the Cayman Islands to get around to the restaurants and bars. After having a few cocktails at dinner, we got back on our scooters without realizing how much alcohol was in our mai tais. We ended up getting pulled over by the police for drunken scootering and landed in jail.”
-- tealover_56

“My sister-in-law invited us to go in on a vacation rental with her family, and we agreed, thinking it’d be just the four of us and their three kids. But about a month before the trip (and after we were already committed), she let us know that her in-laws would also be coming. We tried to back out, but my husband felt bad, so we ended up going. The mother-in-law turned out to be a complete control freak and wanted everything her way. Needless to say, we should have never gone in on a place with them, and we ended up leaving three days early.”
-- capecodbaby

“We went to Germany for vacation to visit my in-laws. Not only was I bored out of my mind and feeling claustrophobic, but on top of it, I walked in as my father-in-law was walking out of the bathroom completely naked. Oh, and no one in the family thought it was weird to leave the door open when using the bathroom!”
-- Germanwife2b

-- Kristin Koch

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