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Travel Q&A: Planning A Fun Vacation On A Budget


Any ideas on how we can book a fun vacation without spending a ton of money?


You’ll want to head for where the dollar is high so you can get the most bang for your buck. Hip spots that fit the bill: the Dominican Republic, Belize, and part of Mexico. Remember that holidays (Presidents’ Day week, Memorial Day Weekend, etc.) are more expensive, so if you can stay away from those, and from your destination’s high season, you’ll save some cash. Finally, sites like and offer fare tracking systems free of charge. So if you know you want to go to Chicago in a few months, simply plug in the dates and the fare amount you’d like to pay. The site will send you an email when your price (or a lower one) comes up.

You might also look into package deals- you can save as much as $200 by booking your airfare, hotel, and car rental together instead of reserving them individually. Plus, you’ll also save time because you don’t have to make all the reservations separately. These can be especially good for places like Las Vegas, Paris, and London. During the off- season, you can fly to London for as little as $99 each way.

-- The Nest Editors

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