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Every marriage is bound to encounter a few bumps along the road, especially when you're first starting out. We're here to help you out with solutions to couples issues and common newlywed arguments. First, find out about the tried-and-true stuff your parents probably wish they'd known. We've sorted out the newlywed "rules" you can ignore from the relationship mistakes you need to avoid. Learn the right way to handle a fight and the solutions to the most common newlywed arguments. We've also got help for couples issues that are specific to the modern marriage. For example, the four rules of Facebook for couples, how to deal when you're married to a metrosexual, and handling coworker crushes. You can also read our expert Q&A for dealing with all kinds of couples issues. Find tips on making friends as a couple, managing work stress as a pair, and avoiding common newlywed arguments about stuff like cleaning and entertaining. We'll help you solve issues with everyone -- your honey, your couple friends, your in-laws -- and find solutions that work in every part of your life, from the bedroom to the office. From whether it's okay to tell friends about your issues to breaking out of a sex rut, we've got you covered. And don't forget your fellow Nesties! We've pulled together lists of real couple gripes and likes, Nesties' marriage secrets, and their most ridiculous fights -- you're sure to relate to something! Or find even more sympathetic ears with our relationships message board.

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How to Improve Your Mornings Together

Take a few minutes out of your morning to try these tips, and we guarantee you’ll be smiling the rest of the day.

If your mornings are rushed, to say the least, it’s easy to run out the door without so much as a goodbye kiss. Unfortunately, for many of us, those few minutes in the morning may be all we see of our partner until much later that evening. So read on for simple ways to squeeze more couple time out of your morning routine.

Wake Up Earlier
Chill out -- we’re only talking about 10 or 15 extra minutes here. That’s the amount of time you get from hitting snooze once. So resist the urge to hit snooze and take the extra time to sit down and have breakfast or walk the dog together…or you could always have an a.m. quickie.

Don’t Start With the Heavy Stuff
Start your day off on the right note by avoiding any contentious topics (why your partner never remembers to take out the trash) or stressful updates (read: my parents are coming to stay with us for a week). Mornings are hectic enough and you don’t want to start your day off with fighting and stress, so try to keep the conversation light and save the nagging and touchy subjects for another time.

Go Over Plans
Take this time to go over your schedules for the day. Who knows, maybe you both have a light afternoon and can meet up for lunch? Or, if you know you’ll both be home for dinner, maybe one of you can plan to pick up some groceries while the other person starts cooking? Planning something for the evening will make your entire day a little better.

Surprise Each Other
If you know your partner was up late working, maybe get up a little early to pick up coffee and bagels. Or, if you have to leave before your partner’s even up and you notice it’s raining, leave a note reminding him or her to bring an umbrella. Little things like this can make a huge difference in your partner’s day and make your relationship a lot stronger.

-- Samantha Leal