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Married to a Metrosexual

I married a man who used bar soap to wash his hair. But in less than four years of marriage, my formerly rugged he-man has turned into a deep conditioner-loving, hot stone massage-enjoying metro. Don’t believe me? At a party, I overheard Adam saying the best part of his weekly basketball game is the bubble bath afterward.

I fully take the blame. The poor man has been marinating in beauty ever since he met me! I’m a former beauty editor and started my own blog called Shake Your Beauty (on, so being fascinated by cosmetics is part of my job. At first, he thought the whole thing was hilarious. “Why is a body scrub necessary in life, Tia? Don’t you need your skin?” Then he'd roll his eyes and go back to ESPN.

But all that changed one fateful night a few summers ago. To celebrate their new overnight cream, a legendary skin care brand invited beauty editors and their plus-ones to spend the night at a swanky hotel room stocked with their very best products. Adam and I had planned to go, but I was traveling for work that day and my flight back home was canceled. The worst part? My cell phone was down and I couldn’t reach Adam! I spent a miserable night in a dingy airport hotel, working myself up into a big stress-fit because Adam was worried sick about his missing wife.

Oh, but I shouldn’t have bothered. An hour after I got home the next morning, Adam swanned through our front door, grinning and looking impossibly radiant. While I’d had the night from hell trying to get back home, he’d slept over at the hotel, lounging around in a plush, terrycloth robe and sampling a variety of face masks, shower gels and body oils. “My life has changed,” he announced, and then he spent a half hour raving about the brilliance of toner. Yes, toner.

From that day on, Adam had a newfound appreciation—no, obsession—with all things pampering. I’m still irritated about the whole hotel weekend fiasco, but I must admit, I do love that I can share my excitement over a fabulous new Kiehl’s product or seaweed serum with my husband. I just wish he’d stop stealing my conditioner.

-- Tia Williams

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