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My In-Laws' Bizarre Behavior

My mother-in-law washes her hair in the kitchen sink. She’s staying with us right now, and while I’m trying to fix breakfast, she’s busy scrubbing away. allibell17

My 28-year-old brother-in-law has an obsession with cartoons. What’s worse, he talks in a high-pitched cartoon character voice 90 percent of the time. abalicious

My husband’s hippie aunt and uncle are scared of our microwave. Any time one of us walks over to turn it on in our house, they run out of the room.” nycgirl31

Everyone in my husband’s family calls one another “Jean” and there is not even a Jean in the family. Weird. jgeiman

My in-laws prepare pig intestines, pig skin and pig stomach lining. I almost vomited at our first dinner. Did I mention I’m a vegetarian? mo123

My husband’s family thinks it’s okay to invite people over for large dinners and ask us all for money to pay for food. fillevioletta

For my husband’s birthday, his mother gave him a card with a picture of a naked woman inside. Marriedinfdl

My brother-in-law thinks it’s okay to let himself into our house (he has a key). Once we were having sex in the shower. Instead of leaving he poked his head in the bathroom to let us know he’d be waiting in the living room. girlsareahead

I get grossed out that my in-laws leave frozen meat out for hours to defrost. 00kate00

At my grandmother-in-law’s funeral, my sister-in-law took the flowers—from the grave site—because she wanted to use them for Valentine’s Day the next week. weddja

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