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Mother-in-Law: Love Her or Loathe Her?

Mother-in-Law: Love Her or Loathe Her?

There's a reason all comics have at least one mother-in-law joke in their act -- love her or loathe her, everyone we talked to on had a strong opinion about theirs.

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The road to a great relationship with your mother-in-law is a slippery path full of twists, turns, and the occasional pot hole. For every one who accepts you with open arms, there's another who acts like she's holding auditions for the "perfect spouse" (and guess who isn't getting a call back). So how do you feel about your mother-in-law...really?

74.1% of posters on said they love her!

"She comes over and mows our lawn, weeds our garden and brings us food." Michele

"She cooks for us when we come over. She helped me plan my wedding when I needed her, and left me alone when I didn't. She's so kind and giving. And she's good to shop with and get your nails done with." redjam12

"I love how strong my mother-in-law is. She is a go-getter and loves getting her hands dirty." Sameriah

"I love that she's one of my best friends, and I hate that she lives so far away. I was seriously blessed with a second mom." Tinychefjackson

"I love that I can talk to her like a mom sometimes -- she treats me like a daughter." MICHELLE

"I love everything about her. She's one of my best friends. No joke." So Long Astoria

"LOVE her... We just had a girls' movie night this week. She is great!" Rosie

"She doesn't get overly involved in our lives, is there when we need her, and respects what we do with our son." Zollie2

"I love that she stays out of my business and only gives advice when she's asked. I love that she takes newfangled parenting stuff in stride and doesn't say 'Well my kids did...'" Jermysgirl

"She doesn't give advice unless it is asked for and she supports us as a couple 100 percent." danniebell1021

But 15.9% said they loathe...

"My mother-in-law deleted me and blocked me as a friend on Facebook. I think that says enough about our relationship." jm.yamin

"If I wrote a novel with a character based on her and the real life things she's done -- critics would call said character 'unbelievable.'" brobinson86

"She still buys my husband underwear for Christmas and treats him like a little boy (he's nearly 30)." TheComfortofCooking

"I dislike her 'Oh my goodness he broke his head!' reaction when he so much as trips and falls..." Mkychik

"Well let's see, where do I start? She does his laundry for him, goes out and buys clothes for him, and -- saved the best for last -- she pays his bills for him with his money. C'mon let's cut the umbilical cord already!!!" TiaCyn78

"I have a hateful woman who does nothing but boss everyone around and whine if you don't spend a certain amount of money on her for Christmas or her birthday." mirapaigew

"Can you believe she'd call and talk with her son but never once ask to speak with me or wish me a happy new year? Last year she didn't even call me for my birthday! Can't say she forgot -- her birthday's only 11 days after mine!" ShellbeLLe

"I think she is kind of crazy and overly dramatic at times." WIAgrrrr

"Are you TRYING to get me into trouble?" LucyHoneychrrch

But this comment was our fave...

"In general, I love my mother-in-law. But if she doesn't stop asking when we're going to give her a grandkid, that may change to 'I hope something eats my mother-in-law.'" denimdarling88

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-- The Nest Editors

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