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(Nontraditional) Holiday Traditions

The holidays are upon us -- but rather than kissing under the mistletoe or putting candles around the house, some couples are forging their own holiday traditions. Here are some nontraditional traditions from couples on that you can adopt as your own this holiday season.

On the Menu

My mother-in-law cooks “feasts from around the world” for Christmas instead of turkey. --LUVMY2SONS

We sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus and have birthday cake for dessert on Christmas Day. --DLPANDA08

Gift Wrap

My husband’s side of the family wraps all their presents in newspaper, and if your present is wrapped in the car section or the funnies, you know it's a really good one. --MRSLINHART

My mom always wraps our gifts in boxes from the kitchen, like cereal and tea bag boxes. --RD3SHNY

Under the Tree (err…Plant)

My in-laws don't usually get a tree, so they just put the gifts around their largest potted plant. --MULAN922

Everyone brings a funny gift all wrapped up and then we pick from a jar to see where to pass it next. --STARSTRUCK

On my husband's dad's side of the family, we get each other really random gifts -- a 1980s edition of Boggle from a yard sale, a toothbrush -- anything completely out of the ordinary. --JENNI23232

Family Fun

We made a “no family on Christmas Day” rule. It sounds nuts, but we love having nowhere to go and no one to entertain. It’s just the two of us in our pajamas! --LYLAS77

My family performs a doo-wop version of “I Have a Little Dreidel.” Luckily you can’t videotape in temple, so we don’t run the risk of being caught on YouTube. --NEST LAUREN

After dinner, his family shoots guns outside. Picture me in high heels with those earmuff things and goggles on hitting bull’s-eyes. It’s totally weird but actually pretty fun. --KRIS10ROC

On Christmas Eve, we gamble and play various games for junk prizes. Think white elephant gifts and random things like lotto tickets. --JACI_L

We always go to the movies on Christmas Day. --SWEETGRL18

-- The Nest Editors

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