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How to Travel with Your In-Laws

Survive your first family-style trip together (yes, it's actually possible) with these tips.

Glitch: Your rooms are too close together (and the walls are paper-thin).

Fix: So you don't want your in-laws to hear you having sex? Understandable. Even more, you definitely don't want to hear any action coming from their side of the wall (ugh). Avoid this potentially TMI situation by calling the hotel well beforehand and requesting rooms on different floors (or at least not right next to each other).

Glitch: Your father-in-law planned seven straight days of activities.

Fix: Make it clear from the very beginning (meaning when you first start planning the trip, not as you're making your descent toward the landing strip) that you and your spouse plan to spend at least one or two days alone. Your in-laws might not be happy about it, but you're totally entitled to some sans-family time. Remember that the rest of the trip is about spending time together too, so tee up on a golf course if your father-in-law thinks he's Tiger Woods, or go shopping with your mother-in-law at the boutiques she just can't stop talking about.

Glitch: Your in-laws have very adventurous or just plain boring taste in food.

Fix: If spicy food gives you heartburn and all they want to eat is Cajun, Mexican or Thai food, be a sport for one or two nights and order something basic off the menu, even if it's just a salad (you can always stop for takeout on the way back to the hotel). The flip side: You love to try local flavors and all your in-laws want are Big Macs with fries. If this is the case, plan some daytime family activities so you and your spouse can have dinners together on your own that don't come with a "super size" option.

Glitch: Your in-laws have expensive taste and insist on paying for everything.

Fix: When you were kids, it was normal for your parents to foot the bill for restaurants, jet-ski rentals and even a run through the souvenir shop. But now that you're adults (hello, did they not see you walk down the aisle?), a complete free-for-all might make you uncomfortable. If your in-laws insist on paying for an expensive dinner, take them out to lunch the next day at a restaurant you can afford. The gesture, not the price tag, will show you appreciate their generosity.

Glitch: The thought of sharing a bathroom with all your in-laws makes you cringe.

Fix: Wondering whose hair is plastered to the bar of soap is no way to start (or end) your day. Okay, fair enough. But if you're staying at a beach house or at a campsite, you might not have a choice. Bring your own toiletries (like the small bottles you'd tote on an airplane) and take them out of the bathroom when you're done. Hey, if you don't protect your strawberry-scented shower gel and foam face wash from your mother-in-law, nobody will.

Glitch: They walk around in their pajamas.

Fix: Whether or not you join the pajama party is your call, but don't make a fuss about their loungewear. There's nothing wrong (or insulting) about watching TV before bed or eating your Cheerios in the morning while wearing regular clothes if that's what makes you comfortable. If you do decide to pull out the pajamas, wear what you'd put on for your own family—comfy pants, a T-shirt (might want to keep your bra on!), sweats, that sort of thing. In other words, leave your lacy lingerie for your own bedroom, and skip anything that's even remotely tight or revealing.

Glitch: His sister wants to be your new best friend, starting right now.

Fix: So you threw her a bone and asked her to be a bridesmaid (for your husband's sake more than anything else). But it's not until you're unpacking on the first day of family time that the girl who rolled her eyes while posing for your wedding pictures suddenly craves some serious female bonding time. Be a sport and set up one special outing with her, whether it's getting pedicures or taking a ski lesson, but don't feel obligated to be attached to her hip the whole time.

Glitch: Your husband's brother refuses to stop checking you out.

Fix: Okay, so his 21-year-old frat boy of a brother makes "eye contact" with your boobs. Slightly skeevy? Sure. But it's not exactly the end of the world. Having a blown-out conversation about his less-than-kosher looks will only make things awkward. Here's an idea: When you're not on the beach, cover up. And avoid rubbing tanning oil all over yourself in his view—then you're asking for it.

-- Caitlin Moscatello

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