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Really Bad Relationship Advice From Really Good Moms

We love our moms. But let's face it: When it comes to love and sex, they don't always dish out golden words of wisdom. Here's some of the worst love advice Nesties have heard from their moms (okay, and dads too).

Photo: Getty Images / The Nest

"Never tell the truth."
-- wrysmyguy

"Sex isn't fun. It's just something you have to do every once in a while."
-- Mrs&Dr2b

"Have a secret bank account that your spouse doesn't know case anything happens."
-- akwr

"Never let your partner get her way. If she gets it once, it will be her way from then on (and never your way)."
-- Siren-in-Love

"Marry for money the first time because you can always marry for love the second time."
-- bob.melissa

"Don't get married. This s*%t's hard."
-- petersterri

"Buy the town house next to ours."
-- TLC823

-- Kristin Koch

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