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12 Shocking Things Real MILs Have Said

Mothers-in-law: Sometimes they’re loving, sometimes...not so much.

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“You want to at least look virginal on your wedding day,” -- Helen T.

“Are you pregnant? Because you look it.” -- Nicole S.

“You’re so smart, you’re socially inept. It’s a compliment!” -- Sylvia N.

“‘You’ve never looked prettier than you do tonight.’ I get that that’s not terrible, but do I really look that bad the rest of the time?” -- Amanda F.

"While shopping for her dress for our wedding, she raved about my husband’s ex and how much she misses her. I’d been with my (soon-to-be) husband for six years...and it wasn’t even the ex before me that she was talking about!” -- Keri K.

“She called me a (way) former girlfriend’s name the night before Valentine’s Day.” -- Luz M.

“I don’t know why you’re having so many issues with your pregnancy. I didn’t have any.” -- Jessica E.

“This isn’t something she said, but she once took out a measuring tape to measure my boobs. True story.” -- Laura S.

“The first thing that my MIL said, after we told her we were expecting: ‘Don't get too excited, you're probably going to lose it’”. -- graciesmurf

“She sent an email to us saying that our marriage was doomed and we’d be divorced within five years.” -- Laura B.

“She told me on our wedding day that I "looked better than she thought I would." --ranzzo

“I served a dinner that I spent hours preparing and my MIL looked at it and said, ‘Oh... We should have gone out to eat.’” --BeckyOff

Has your MIL ever said anything to top these? Tell us!

-- The Nest Editors