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Love Q&A: How to Get Your In-laws Off Your Back


Our in-laws constantly nag us about buying a house. How can I get them to back off?


Put a large bowl on the center of your kitchen table in plain view and toss a single dollar inside. Next time the in-laws visit, point it out and tell them it’s the house fund. Kidding! To help you deal, follow these tips:

GET INSIDE THEIR HEADS Every family has something that they equate with security, and to this family, it’s home ownership. In their minds, the day you close on your first house is the day they can finally stop worrying.

PASS THE BUCK, LITERALLY Make it your spouse’s issue since they’re his/her parents. Your spouse should explain that the two of you are waiting because you want to be financially responsible, not because you aren’t serious about planning for your future. Period.

CLOSE THE ISSUE. Your spouse should also make it clear that the topic is no longer open for discussion. If they still press the issue…bring out the bowl.

-- The Nest Editors

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