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My new mother-in-law won't address me by my married name. She even bought me new stationery for Christmas with my maiden name printed on it! Do I bring it up?


If the stationery were her only snafu, this could easily be chalked up to a simple, forgivable oversight and nothing more. But if (as you imply) this is truly part of a larger pattern (she repeatedly uses your maiden name when introducing you or addressing mail to you and your husband), you should consider using the following method: Drop her a friendly note on the stationery, crossing a gentle line (not an aggressive slash) through your maiden name and penciling in your married name. Repeat said behavior until the box is empty. Sure, it may take awhile to use it up (and for her to catch on), but by the time you run out, your misguided mother-in-law will get a clue.