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Love Q&A: Parents Insist on Buying?


The Nest Q&A

My parents insist on treating when they visit, but it makes my husband feel cheap. What can we do?


You obviously know your parents best, but you also know that your husband won’t be able to relax if he’s feeling like Mr. Stingy all weekend. So you should meet somewhere in the middle. Have a small budget? Provide a goodie bag for your parents' bedroom. Whether they’re staying at your house or a hotel, let them open the door to fresh treats, magazines, and any special lotions you know they love. Money not so tight? See what you might be able to pick up before they arrive. If a fun show is in town, surprise them with a group outing (just be sure to prepay for the tickets so you don’t have the awkward credit card duel). But keep in mind that knowing how to accept a gift is more important than worrying about returning the gesture in kind.

-- The Nest Editors

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