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The Only 5 Friends You Need

We know your friends are important to you -- which is good, since research shows that friends are key to living a long, healthy life. But it’s not the number of friendships, it's the type that matters. Luckily, you don’t need to expand your social too far -- if you can check these five good friends off your list, you’ll be just fine.

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The Oldie But Goodie

From the time you upchucked in the middle of your Twentieth-Century American Novel course to that pathetic email you wrote to the first person who really broke your heart, this friend knows it all. But, you know she would never use it. There’s no need to explain yourself with this pal. She gets you and loves you -- psycho moments and all -- which is why she’s more forgiving of your foibles than most members of your inner circle. Plus, she helps remind you of who you really are (yep, the kid in braces who still laughs at fart jokes). Over the course of your relationship -- and through its many ups and downs -- you also learn important lessons about communication, commitment, and working through conflict. (Remember that one major blowout with her years back? See, you recovered.) So tell your significant other to thank her for that.

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