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6 Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

You may think you’re just being a little curious (or even cute), but she’ll secretly want to poke your eyes out.

It's easy to accidentally hit a hormonal land mine with a woman, but when she's pregnant, it really doesn't take much for things to turn ugly. Stay out of trouble with this list of taboo questions.

So…was it planned?
Besides the obvious privacy invasion (their birth control = none of your business), there's the unspoken judgment. As in, "Do you really think now's a good time for a baby? And you seriously think you can handle it?" Keep any unsolicited opinions to yourself.

[Insert name]? That's an…interesting choice.
Yes, she should've kept the name a secret if she didn't want your feedback, but that doesn't let you off the hook. Unless the person expressly asks for your opinion, you should keep it to yourself. Choosing a name is hard enough without comments about how odd your grade-school classmate, [insert name], smelled.

Have I told you about my sister's 36-hour labor?
Skip the horror stories, please—she's got enough to be nervous about without listening to your nightmare tales. And, by the way, it's totally okay (preferable, even) not to have anything interesting or illuminating to tell her about pregnancy, childbirth or parenting.

30 weeks? You're still so small!
There's just no way to win here. Tell her she looks small, and she hears the baby isn't getting enough nutrition and she's already a negligent mother. Don't try to apply this one in reverse, either. Yes, she's aware she's gaining weight; yes, she knows it's a natural and healthy thing; and no, she definitely doesn't want to hear it from you.

Have you felt any kicks yet [said while placing your hand over her belly]?
We know, the belly rub's hard to resist…but please do. Normal rules of human interaction certainly apply when dealing with a pregnant woman, so hands off. Okay, you're allowed to politely ask for a touch, but give it some thought first. Under normal circumstances, would you feel comfortable physically interacting with her? (If she's a stranger, default answer: probably not.)

Twins! IVF or natural?
IVF is a dicey subject. If it was IVF, then that means she had trouble conceiving. Fertility issues are extremely personal and private—if she wanted you to be in the know, she would've mentioned it. If it wasn't IVF, she's sick of people assuming otherwise by now.

-- Paula Kashtan

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