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5 Ways Pregnancy Changes You (and Him)!

Sure, you know getting pregnant can mean nausea, bigger boobs and wacky cravings. But the changes don't stop there…and they happen to your spouse too!

How it Changes You

You Allow Yourself to Get Waited On
Pregnancy is the time when many wives find that their husbands are more sensitive to their needs. Foot-rubs? Bring it on.

You Become a Critic
Will my in-laws stop cursing? Will my guy quit smoking? Why do teen girls on TV look like hussies? You get more critical of the world and want it to be more ideal.

Your Tough Side Disappears
Hormonal zigzags can take you from a control freak to a teary wreck in seconds. But hey, no one wants to upset the pregnant lady!

You Morph Into a Multi-tasker
Hello, Miss OCD! Even if you were mellow before, now everything in your house needs scrubbing and reorganizing, and you can't stand to look at that unpainted wall one more day!

You Get Fat (and You Love It)
Healthy eating and exercising won't change the fact that, hello, a baby is setting up shop inside, so you learn to embrace the stretch waist. A perfect excuse for more ice cream!

How it Changes Him

He Turns into Your Personal Assistant
Most men go from whining, "Do I have to?" to asking, "What can I get for you?" It probably won't last long, so take advantage now!

He Becomes a Worrywort
His concern may be cute at times, but his caution can get annoying ("You sure you can eat that?"). Remember: This stuff is as new to him as it is to you, so patience is key.

His Mojo Disappears
Sounds weird, but some guys are afraid to have sex now ("Will I poke the baby?"). But once baby arrives, his sex drive should increase.

He Morphs into Mr. Fix It
Sexiness used to be how he looked in those jeans. Now it's his obsession with the car seat ratings in Consumer Reports. Make him a list of chores to do and watch how fast he'll jump on it.

He Gets Fat
Funny but true—men can get sympathy weight gain. Though you're really the only one entitled to seconds, at least you'll have a Weight Watchers buddy postbaby.

-- Dara Pettinelli

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