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4 Post-Baby Fixes

When your friend has a kid, everything changes. But a few tweaks will get you through this "bump" in the road.

Before Baby
You could always count on her to take your call at midnight (or 7:30 a.m. or 3 p.m.) to rehash the latest drama at work.

After baby
Gone are the days of catching her at a moment's notice. But that doesn't mean she doesn't care about your life anymore. Schedule a regular weekly call to connect, and keep her up to date in the meantime with a text about your crazy cubemate or pics of your new 'do.

Before Baby
You used to talk about fun stuff—like which pub pours the perfect pint of Guinness, or why Peyton Manning is awesome (or sucks!).

After baby
Now it seems all roads lead to baby (snore). But he's just trying to figure out what makes his kid tick—kind of like how you obsessed over your new 50-inch plasma. So listen with the same enthusiasm he gave your TV talk. He will crave adult conversation again. For now, take note: All that infant info might come in handy one day.

Before Baby
You spent hours on marathon shopping trips at the mall or at your Wednesday night poker game.

After baby
Your friends are lucky to be able to shower, let alone get out of the house. Give them (and your routine) a break—it's time to find new ways to hang out while making life easier for your tired pals. Bring over a six-pack and Chinese or hire someone to come give you pedicures. Sure, you'll miss your fun outings, but it's who you're with, not where that counts.

Before Baby
They'd come over for dinner parties, cocktail hours with your other friends, your annual Super Bowl bash, etc.

After baby
They want to bring Junior everywhere (major party pooper). But you have to accept that this is their life now, so why not let the baby sleep in your bedroom while you all hang out? Or do brunch instead of a late dinner. Accommodate them when you can, and it'll be easier to enforce a no-newborns-tonight rule if you ever really need to in the future.

-- The Nest Editors

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