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Things You May Regret (6 Months into Pregnancy)

Sure, you're thinking of having a baby sometime—maybe next year, maybe the year after that. But it doesn't affect your life this second, right? Well, when it comes to major decisions, it might.

True, you can put the fragile vases in storage and tuck away your chandelier earrings when the day comes (you'll need to—trust us), but what about your car? Or your studio apartment? If parenthood is on your radar, it can affect those gotta-make-today decisions in ways you never considered. Read on to see how:

Your Wheels
Picture this: You're in your convertible, hair blowing, Moby blasting. Now, fast-forward four months, eight months, two years…Yep, baby in the belly. A car seat will fit, but the stroller, bulging diaper bag and basket of distractions? No way. To avoid this trap, consider your four-year goals (since that's how long most car leases are). You can't be prepared for everything, but mapping out tentative plans can save stress (and cash) when it comes to large purchases.

Home Base
You and your sweetie just bought your fab first home. It's one-bedroom, one-bath of course—just enough for two. You move in. You decorate. Your friends call it "cozy." And then...positive test. How will all of you fit? Bottom line: Take future kids into account when you're scoping out new spaces. Yes, you'll be paying for an empty extra bedroom for a little while, but it can serve as an office or storage room in the meantime.

Baby-Unfriendly Casa
When you're buying a place for two, who cares about baby-proofing? That swank spiral staircase? Major draw. So are those extra-deep tubs. It's a six-story walk-up, but hey, you could use the exercise! Living in a home with unique features is fun sans kids, but lugging a stroller, diaper bag and baby up six flights doesn't cut it. Look for a home that won't require major renos or mean huge safety issues should your family grow.

Vacation Plans
You've both always wanted to see Paris, so you finally book the trip—for next November. Come March...well, you get the picture. To avoid canceling your dream vacation, keep major travel plans within a four- to six-month reach. (Don't worry, you'll be able to jet off until you're in week 36 of pregnancy. It's just tough to know when that will be.) Tip: Consider getting trip insurance if your vacay is six months out.

You painted the living room eggshell. The white couch from Pottery Barn arrives tomorrow (it'll go great with your cream carpet!). Wake-up call: Spit up and sticky fingers may screw over your palette. No need to sacrifice your style, but consider tucking the white away in a more removed "grown-up" room and opting for stain-proof fabrics. If that isn't an option, prepare for changes once baby's on board.

-- The Nest Editors

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