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Getting Pregnant Q&A: Does Spotting Mean You Did Not Get Pregnant?


I think it's too early for my period, but i'm spotting. What's going on? Does this mean I didn't get pregnant?


Dr. Hill Says: You period usually occures 14 days over ovulation. Spotting a few days before your period is due is not uncommon. Spotting one week before your period is due may represent implanation bleeding and light spotting mid-cycle coupld represent a transient drop in estrogen production which can accompany ovulation. The only way to differentiate these phenomena is with blood tests. A blood pregnancy test that is quantitative for the beta subunit of the hCG (pregnancy) molecule is the most sensitive test for pregnancy. It should be detectable seven days following conception which is usually between cycle day 21-23 of an idealized 18 day menstrual cycle.

TNB editors say: Light, brief spotting can actually be a sign of early pregnancy. It's known as "implantation bleeding," and here's what it means: A few days after conception, that little fertilized (yay!) egg digs into the wall of your uterus and gets ready to grow. Since the uterine lining is rich with blood, some women spot. This is normal and no cause for concer. A pregnancy test and doctor's visit are in order, though, to make sure implantation bleeding is the culprit. If you begin bleeding after a positive pregnancy test, call your doctor right away to rule out a possible miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

-- The Nest Editors

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