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Getting Pregnant Q&A: How Long Should You Try To Get Pregnant Before Seeing A Doctor?


I know most women don't get pregnant right away, but when do I need to start worrying?


Dr. Cheng says: People are often suprised to hear that even with excellent sperm and good health in the man and woman, natural pregnancy rates peak about 25-30 percent per month. In other words, most couples will not get pregnant within the first month of trying. However, statistics suggest that the longer the delay before achieving pregnancy, the lower the per-cycle pregnancy rates.

Also, Keep in mind that woman's fertility rate and egg quality decrease with age. Healthy womenw ho are 34 years and younger are advised to try for 12 months before seeking an evaluation. Women 35 years and older should seek treatment after six months because they're at risk for lower egg quality. However, any woman with a history of irregular menses, chemotherapy, or other hormonal problems should be evaluated earlier.

-- The Nest Editors

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