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Getting Pregnant Q&A: Pre Pregnancy Exam


Should I have a pre-pregnancy health exam before trying to conceive (TTC)?


Absolutely yes, says Shari Brasner, MD, ob-gyn, and author of Advice from a Pregnant Obstetrician: An Inside Guide. A complete physical, including a pap smear and breast exam, will help diagnose and treat any problems before getting pregnant. Plus, your doctor can check out any existing medical problems (like asthma) or family genetic disorders (like diabetes) so you can have a healthy pregnancy. If possible, make your appointment at least three months before TTC so that you doctor also has enough time to update your vaccinations and start you on folic acid to reduce your risk of health complications and birth defects. I saw my ob-gyn six months before -she even helped me figure out the best time of the month to conceive.

-- The Nest Editors

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