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Getting Pregnant Q&A: Should you see your doctor before trying to get pregnant?


Do I need to see my doctor before I start trying to get pregnant? Why?


Dr. Roman says: I do recommend making an appointment to see an obstetrician before you even start trying to conceive. What you’ll be scheduling is a preconception counseling session. This visit can help identify medical problems and dietary or environmental issues that can lead to pregnancy complications. There are plenty of things to check up on. For example, a preconception counseling session is the best time to review good nutritional habits for getting and being pregnant. And, based on your medical history and blood test results, your doctor can check if you need any immunizations before you start trying. This is also the best time to screen you and/or your partner to see if you are a carrier for genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis. Finally, your doctor can review any medications you are taking and recommend prenatal vitamins—it has been shown that women who take folic acid for at least one month prior to pregnancy lower the risk of having a baby with a specific kind of birth defect called neural tube defects (spina bifida).

-- The Nest Editors

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