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Trying to get pregnant?

Trying to get pregnant? We know that it can be both a frustrating and joyful journey. Luckily, we’re here to help, with expert tips on getting pregnant. But first, check out our pregnancy advice to find out whether you’re really ready for a baby. Then, find ways to start “the baby conversation” with your partner (after all, getting pregnant takes two). Learn the truth about trying to get pregnant, including the basics of home pregnancy tests, fertility tests, and leaving birth control behind. Our getting pregnant tips even include which sex positions will make it easier to conceive! Besides tips for getting pregnant, we’re your one-stop pregnancy planner. Check out our checklist of what you need to know now, and our ovulation calculator to help you time it just right. But, that’s not the only tricky part of getting pregnant. You’ll also want to read up on how to handle questions about your baby plans or the relationship issues that trying to conceive can kick up. Bottom line: This is an exciting time! Trying to get pregnant is only the beginning. We’ve got pregnancy advice on how to plan your baby budget (including easy ways to save!) plus the simple steps you should take to get ready for a baby -- like making sure you’re both healthy and keeping your stress levels in check. With all these helpful tips on getting pregnant, you’ll be more than prepared for your pregnancy.

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10 Questions to Ask Before Having Kids

Thinking of getting pregnant? Better make sure you two are on the same page first. Here’s what to discuss before TTC.

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A long time ago, things were simple: A couple gets pregnant, the baby pops out, Mom stays home to raise it, Dad takes the train to Grand Central and works a full day at Sterling Cooper and everyone lives happily ever after. Now? We live in a different time. So no matter how much you love your partner -- and no matter how certain you are that you want to have kids -- you still need to have that Serious Talk to ensure you’re on the same page. Here are the top 10 questions to ask each other (and yourself).

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