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"How do you deal with pushy in-laws."

"Do you have a cleaning schedule?"

"Has marriage changed your relationship?"
Married Life

“What are your financial goals?"
Money Matters

He Said/She Said

Weigh in on the conversation as couples battle out the common pitfalls in every relationship. Set them straight with your own personal advice and point of view!

He Said/She Said is a video series featuring couples from across the country sounding off on the intimate details of their relationship. From offensive habits to bizarre bedroom antics and in-law issues, check out the always honest, often funny, and sometimes awkward admissions of these four dynamic duos. Yep, they’re all still in love, but working through the kinks of “domestic bliss” just like the rest of us. Can you relate?

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Work/Life Balance

How do these couples prioritize their time?

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Worst Marriage Advice

What's the worst marriage advice you've gotten?

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Best Marriage Advice

What's the best marriage advice you ever received? These couples tell all!

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Our featured couples

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