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A Story Worth Reading

About a storyteller who sucks at telling stories.

Ever get into a situation where you start telling a story -- with the best of intentions -- then you get to the middle and realize, oops, I have no idea where this is going? Yeah, I do that ALL THE TIME.

There's nothing wrong with confidence. In fact, it's a great thing. But Stephanie has a habit of starting stories that have no endings, and trusting that they’ll end fine. I can't tell you how many of her stories end with "So, you know…."

The other night we were out with a reporter friend of mine and his girlfriend, and I started to tell a story about Gainesville, Florida -- the place where I had my first TV job. It starts something like, “Oh, I love Gainesville. I had the best time there. My roommate and I once decided to just up and tour the town on a whim."

Aaaaand...that was the end of her story. No crazy encounters with locals. No getting lost and seeing an alligator. Nada! But here's the thing: Stef has driven down Dead-End Story Lane often enough that she's learned a little trick. Instead of going down in flames by herself, she'll now take me down with her!

"My roommate and I once decided to just up and tour the town on a whim. And so, you know...Dave, you go to a lot of new towns, right???"

What?? I was an innocent bystander. In fact, to be honest, I like watching Stephanie jump out of her “story plane” without a parachute. But now she's pulling me out of the plane with her!

Honestly, I tell stories for a living. I blame it on that. I spend hours thinking up a beginning, middle and end. I think Dave has come to the realization that he has a lifetime of ending my stories ahead of him. At least he's funny!

To look on the bright side, it's a test of my improv skills. Here, take this horrible story and make something entertaining out of it. Reaaaddy...GO!

Who's the "entertainer" in your relationship? Do you guys have each other's backs or let the other go down in flames?

Stephanie Tsoflias is a reporter for WPIX in New York City. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@lifeofareporter). Dave Siegel is a standup comedian and writer in New York City. You can see a list of his upcoming performances at and follow him on Twitter (@StandUpDave).

-- Stephanie and Dave