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Are You an Exhibitionist?

Hey, don't look at me!

Occasionally I’ll stop by CNN’s The Chart blog by Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor in New York City. His posts are often pretty interesting, like a recent one about exhibitionism. He mentions that exhibitionism actually tops the list of frequent fantasies for both men and women. Um, what?

I totally get the guy side to this “fetish,” if you will, but Mr. Kerner, you’re saying Holly just might want to get it on in her parent’s house -- I completely accept that I will get in big trouble for that one.

Kerner goes on to say that there’s a “strong compulsion to experience power through the premise of arousing others,” but this seems a bit off to me. (And this is just me of course) I wouldn’t be turned on by seeing someone else, say, having sex in the park. I’m just not into that…

But, I will agree with his conclusion that “a little playful exhibitionism can be fun and exhilarating and may well be part of our sexual psychology.” And then, of course he just ruins it for me (and everyone else), “but remember, it can also get you arrested.” What a Debbie Downer.

What about you guys -- where's the craziest place you’ve gotten down? I won’t divulge too much, but Holly and I have had some fun camping trips upstate. Do you agree with Kerner -- do we all have a little bit of this couple in us?

-- Jack

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