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Are You Being Curious -- Or Are You Prying?

Sometimes I have a problem respecting relationship boundaries -- or even locating them.

I’m a television news reporter, and Dave is a stand-up comedian. It's safe to say that our jobs are a big part of our lives and personalities. This can cause friction.

I tend to question and investigate everything. The thing is, I have a lot of trouble leaving leaving that mentality in the newsroom. For example, I try to figure out why Dave doesn’t pick up his phone when I call at the same moment he’s updating his Twitter -- from his phone! I live in a persistent state of curiosity that I'm not sure many men could handle. And I'm certain that it's almost pushed Dave over the edge a few times. In fact, he had to sit me down once and talk to me about it.

Steph once pumped me for information as to why I was headed to Long Island for the day when I should have been working. As if the third degree wasn't enough, she pumped and pumped away (as I call it, give me the "7th degree") until I finally spilled it: I was going to pick up a very special surprise gift for her. Now, you might say, "You could have just told a little white lie as to where you were going." But you can't do that when you date a reporter. She'll factcheck.

It’s tough: Where do you draw the lines of privacy in a relationship? I'm curious to a fault sometimes, but my curiosity has also saved me from heartache in other relationships, when past boyfriends tried to get away with things that weren’t okay. Perhaps it's a defense mechanism. Or maybe it's just good journalism. But when does it become prying? Ultimately, I’d like to find a happy medium. And I surely don't want to ruin anymore surprises the Biance has coming my way!

Look, every guy who gets involved in an exclusive relationship is resigned to the fact that he is losing a little bit of his freedom and independence. It's part of the deal. But ladies, you can cut us some slack too. Do we really have to check in, so you know that we got to CVS safely? Can we grab a drink after work without worrying if it's ok with you? It really does mean a lot... at least to me.

How much freedom do you give your significant other? How much is he/she entitled to?

-- Stephanie and Dave