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Are You in a "Bromance"?

According to this dude, you are.

I read this article by a psychologist, who talks about his first "bromance" -- and how much he's enjoying it. Before you say anything, he's the one who used the term "bromance" -- just in case there was any confusion (he also said it was "bromance at first sight" and admits to not liking beer, not watching sports on TV and being a "sensitive" guy). And to be clear, the author is married, and so is the other guy in this bromance. I guess it's what they were going for when they created Paul Rudd's character in I Love You, Man, and I know the bromance thing is popular right now, but I thought it was something someone at some woman's magazine made up thinking she was being cute. So I was pretty surprised that a male psychologist was using the term -- to talk about himself, no less. Did I miss something, and it's now some affliction middle-aged men are coming down with? Personally, I don't get the concept. Is spending a dads' weekend skiing or complaining about your wives (two activities the doc does with his partner in the bromance) an out-of-the-ordinary activity for two guys to do? Is two grown, married "bros" still hanging out so unusual of a concept that we're giving it a lame title and making movies about it? Hell, if I went by the doc's definition, I guess I'd be in multiple bromances right now (I'm sure Holly enjoyed that one).

I don't know about the other married men out there, but I didn't stop hanging out with my buddies when I got married -- and Holly's cool with that. And she wouldn't be cool with it if the opposite were true. Clearly, that's pretty much the case with the guys I hang out with, but maybe that's not the standard for most other married men? So, tell me, married men, do you still hang out with your friends now that you're married? And what do you think about this whole bromance thing? Just tell me you'd never use that term.

-- Jack

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