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AT&T Trying to Merge with T-Mobile

The government won’t allow it!

Not your everyday law suit, the government has actually filed suit to block the planned buyout by AT&T over T-Mobile. And here I thought everything was fine between the two companies. I mean T-Mobile has their huge ad campaign with the adorable girl in a pink dress (btw, I very much prefer her to the annoying brunette on the Progressive ads -- but that’s neither here nor there) and AT&T…well, they’re the number two phone company, so they’re not doing too shabby themselves.

But a lawsuit from up above?! That’s just crazy talk. Basically, the government is trying to stop AT&T from having, in essence, a monopoly over the mobile industry. If the second and fourth companies combined the results could mean higher prices for all of us (and I can barely afford my bills now, let alone more jacked up ones!).

The most intriguing part to this suit is that this isn't the first time AT&T is taking over. I did a little digging to find who was the first phone company, and to no one’s surprise, it was the bell phone company. But who sprung from that monopoly powerhouse? You betcha, The American Telephone and Telegraph Company (sense a pattern?). So really they're just trying to go back to their roots of being on top.

But after all that, I can't really talk. I'm a loyal customer. But like I said, don't raise my bills, yeah I’m talking to you Justice Department my bills rest in your hands! What about y'all? How do you feel about this undercover takeover and our government’s attempt to stop it?

-- Holly

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