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Bad Advice From Mom About Marriage

Has your mother ever given you a marriage tip that was just...terrible?

This roundup of quotes from an article on called “Really Bad Relationship Advice From Really Good Moms” had me laughing my butt off. From the post: "Marry for money the first time because you can always marry for love the second time." So bad, right?

Anyway, it made me think of some of the hilariously terrible relationship advice that my own mother has given me. I think my favorite quote from her went something like this: "Why would you ever want to get married, hon? All I need is AAA and my lover on Wednesdays." Because husbands are just there to fix your car and shag you once a week, presumably? Needless to say, my mom isn't a big believer in happy endings. So I've never gone to her for marriage or love advice. Which isn't to say that I've never received any (case in point: that gem above).

Now, it’s your turn: What horrible advice has your (well-meaning) mother dolled out?

-- Holly

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