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Becker and the Pecker

A gruesome story of love and...loss.

I'm sure you remember Lorena Bobbit, the infamous pecker picker (or should I say slasher?). Well, folks, here's Bobbit: The Sequel. When Catherine Becker prepared a nice dinner for her estranged husband, little did he know he was being fed a hefty dose of sleeping pills...or that he'd awaken later to his wife whacking off his willy (and not in the good way) with a knife. Wait -- it gets better: She reportedly threw his wiener into the garbage disposal. (No confirmation on whether she turned it on or not!) Yikes.

When asked why she did it, she reportedly told cops, "He deserved it." I've no doubt he did. I mean, it wasn't exactly done in a fit of rage, considering the meal of narcotics. Girlfriend must've been pushed to the brink (and not in the jerk wasn't helping out around the house, or wasn't helping to pay the bills). Something tells me that judging by the location of the dismemberment, the dude went Terminator on her and did something like got the live-in housekeeper preggars at the same time as his wife and then lied about it for almost a decade or something... I'm guessing that's enough to drive a girl Bobbit.

What about you guys: Why do you think she did it?

-- Holly

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