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Bernie Madoff Is Finally In the Doghouse

It took Ruth long enough to divorce him.

So, Ruth Madoff has reportedly (finally!) left Bernie Madoff, her husband of over 50 years. Then again, Madoff is on track to be in jail for the rest of his life (or however many years he survives of his 150-year sentence), so their marraige was all but over anyway. Ruth just made it official.

She stuck out longer than his sons were willing to, though. Andrew, their younger son, cut ties with his parents when the whole shebang began. And their eldest son, Mark, sadly committed suicide back in December.

Personally, I can’t really put myself in Mrs. Madoff’s Jimmy Choos. Sure, she’s been in love with Bernie since she was 13, and married to him since 18, but when your own sons give you an ultimatum — us or your lying, cheating husband — hmmm, which would I choose?!

I’d probably go the route that doesn’t involve conjugal visits and prison food — those date nights must really blow. But then again, if my husband was such a sexy piece like Madoff … waiittt a second!

Anyway, I’ve said my piece. What about y’all? You think you would stand by your man if he went to the slammer? What if your kids left you high and dry?

-- Holly

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