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Breaking Up Is...Easy to Do?

But why do guys neglect (or forget) to do it in a respectful manner?!

I've encountered my fair share of stupid, no-good boys (thank goodness Dave is normal). Last night, one such boy from my past popped up on my caller ID, and it wasn't the first time it had happened. I'd assumed the missed calls (yes, more than one) from him in the past month were a mistake. Finally, last night, while cooking dinner, I picked up.

I came home last night and found Stephanie on the phone, cooking dinner. Judging from her tone, I figured it was her ex; she'd told me he’d been calling her recently. Some guys would be very concerned. Stephanie would definitely be concerned if I were talking to an ex. But I left the room and let her do her thing; she seemed on top of it.

Once we got past the awkward small talk, we had a surprisingly nice conversation. It had been well over two years since I'd spoken to this ex -- and close to three years since he'd dumped me. On The Bachelor last night, Lindzi told a story about how her ex broke up with her by sending a text that read, "Welcome to Dumpsville, population you." Well, I didn't even get a text from this guy. After what I thought was a glorious week together in his hometown in Colorado...nothing! No good-bye, no phone call, not even a tactless text.

I wondered why Stef was so amicable toward a person who'd been so cruel to her. She's clearly over him, so she doesn't have to act mean or bitter, but why validate his actions by having a pleasant catch-up chat? Why not call him on it: “I'm just curious as to why you think it's acceptable to treat someone the way you treated me? Why do you think I'd want you in my life now?” (Is this just the boyfriend in me talking?) Instead, Stef gets off the phone and gives the WTF speech to me instead!

I felt comfortable venting...ahem, I mean telling Dave the story. I'm over the situation! But I'm not over the way men just decide they're done and don't offer a proper good-bye. One of my single girlfriends recently told me how a guy canceled a date with her at the last minute -- and she never heard from him again! Really?! These “men” need to start manning up. Until I got to Biance status with Dave, I always felt like at any second this could be over, probably because of the experience I had with this guy. Thankfully, I found someone who took my feelings into consideration. Maybe his mom taught him well.

What are your breakup horror stories? How would you treat your ex if he/she called you just to say "hello"?

Stephanie Tsoflias is a reporter for WPIX in New York City. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@lifeofareporter). Dave Siegel is a writer and stand-up comedian in New York City. Visit his website,, and follow him on Twitter (@StandUpDave).

-- Stephanie and Dave