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Buy a Girlfriend on Facebook for Just $5!

Introducing a whole new age of Facebook relationships.

When I read about this girl selling herself (well, just her Facebook self), I couldn’t help but think, Really? That’s what we’ve come to -- it’s like a scene straight out of Easy A (I’m ashamed to say, I've seen it). The elusive Cathy has offered up her savvy Facebook services. In exchange for your $5, you get all the included luxuries of a Facebook relationship: 10 days of “in a relationship” status and a few messages -- okay, “3 max” -- to make the illusion seem legit. Well, heck, I’m signing up! If the relationship status didn’t get me, the three messages sure as hell did. Maybe it will make Jack jealous? Because, really, that seems to be what it all comes down to.

The fact that this whole concept is not something new (read: the failed Cloud Girlfriend idea) doesn't surprise me so much as it disappoints me. It’s like the idea of the phone that kisses you and holds your hand! We aren’t looking for real affection, just something that masquerades as it. It is alarming, though, that there are so many comments on this girl's post on Fiverr. They seem to prove that her services are well worth your hard-earned fiver. Says a pleased customer, “Very happy with her gig,” and “Thanks Cathy for all your help!”

Help? Really? Maybe the help you actually need is getting over your past relationships in a healthy way. Or perhaps you should try to invest a few more bucks and purchase a membership to Well, that or some sort of professional counseling...Either way, I can’t totally get behind this entrepreneurial young woman’s idea (if she is in fact a woman...or in school...or any of the qualifiers she used). What good can it do? I suppose I could quit my day job and try it out to see what all the hype is about -- I’m picturing my ad to be something like "Single 22-year-old college girl available to be your online companion for 20 days! Will post on your wall 10 times and you can link to me as your girlfriend for the low, low price of $50!" I couldn’t possibly make too much money doing that. Right?

Come on ladies, is this Cathy an innovator or just strapped for cash (okay, we all know that’s got to be at least one of her motivators)? I guess it’s not as bad as becoming a pole dancer (not sure where I got that one) to pay her way through college. Is this personals for Facebook thing going to catch on? Would you ever consider buying Ms. Cathy’s affections, guys?

-- Holly