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Could You Do Marriage Without a Cell Phone?

Check out this chick who loves technology even less than I do.

I just read this great post written by a woman who lives (happily) without a cell phone. It's not that she gave hers up to get back to nature or something -- home girl has never had one. Judging by the comments on the post, most readers seemed angered by her suggestion that such a decision might be not only possible -- but pleasant.

Not me. I'm jealous! I can honestly say that I would love to live without a cell phone. First and foremost, I think being available all the time sucks. I also hate dealing with things like crappy reception, distracted friends (including my textaholic wife) and constantly interrupted thoughts. But as a freelancer, I don't feel like I could put down my cell phone without also waving buh-bye to a number of jobs. Being reachable at a moment's notice has definitely helped me land some good gigs. But I do think giving the cell a rest after work hours might be a realistic goal. Holly points out that I'd be forced to make more decisions on my own without a cell. She's right -- I've probably never gone on a single grocery run without calling her with questions. Since she's not one to give a crap if I pick up the wrong pasta, Holly would clearly prefer that I kick my calling habit anyway, so that's a possible side bonus (that I'd be more independent without the phone).

Obviously, when Holly and I are apart, we rely on phone calls to stay connected, but couldn't we do that with a landline? I'm sure that most of you think that even an hour without your cell is a horrible idea...but why? Don't you think that taking a tech break every now and then could be good for your marriage (after all, it’s a major time suck)?

-- Jack

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