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Cancer, Kids and Cell Phones

How are these things connected?

Okay, so this is just me making broad generalizations, but if you have kids under the age of 15 and they have cell phones, what are you thinking? You’re just throwing gasoline on the already technology-obsessed generation they’re part of.

I’m not picking on anyone in particular (well, except for that whole group), but what 13-year-old really needs a cell phone? Pay phones still exist (though, sadly, I’ll admit they’re a dying breed), as do school phones. Fact is, their little preteen fingers will still fully develop without texting, and their social skills will probably be even better off if you don’t give them a cell.

You’re probably wondering, What’s up with all the hassling? Well, if you were holding out to buy your kids phones before this study finished, I’m still trying to discourage you. News flash: Cell phones aren’t linked to brain tumors or cancers. In fact, the story says, “There has been no increase in brain tumors -- among kids or adults -- since cell phones came into widespread use in the 1990s.”

But focus, people! Your kid does not need to blow through hundreds each month just because of texting. By now you’ve figured out my views on cell phones. And okay, I can see how adults need them (to play Angry Birds), but kids already have wayyy too many distractions.

And there ends my rant. What about you: Are you one of those parents? I’ll let it go if you can give me some good reasons why your kids have a cell phone.

-- Jack

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