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Are You a Cleanliness Hypocrite?

I admit, I'm kind of a hypocrite sometimes. Am I alone?

As you know, Jack and I live in a shoebox. (Like when I get mad and tell him to go to the other room, I'm talking about the bathroom.) Well, like every apartment, it needs to be cleaned of dust and piles of old magazines that we never got to but wanted to keep just in case we had some spare time (yeah, right). And like most couples, we sometimes fight over keeping it clean. We've already discussed Jack's inexplicable ability to dirty our bathroom mirror, but this time I'm fessing up. (Btw, I'm kinda fascinated by this article about what our messes not so secretly mean -- apparently, Jack's toothpaste gobs may be a passive-aggressive message to me. Hmm....)

Anyway...I have some grooming habits that I like to take care of when I'm alone (you know, nail clipping, brow tweezing, stray gray hair plucking) and have time to clean up any evidence. But sometimes, I'm in a rush (or not), and admittedly, I leave behind a bit of a mess, even though I don't hesitate to point out the toothpaste gobs on the mirror or the toilet seat that's been left up. So I guess you could say when it comes to keeping the bathroom clean, I can be a hypocrite sometimes. But come on -- his messes are so much worse. I mean, the toothpaste totally trumps a little hair in the shower drain, no?

What about you? Do you find yourself nagging your man only to hide behind your rubber cleaning gloves when he finds you're not the Mrs. Clean you've led him to believe??

-- Holly

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