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Can We All Agree That Couples' Showers Suck?

Think the guys enjoyed the couples' shower you just went to? You'd be wrong about that.

It's wedding season again, which means it's wedding shower season again, which means (cue Jaws theme music) someone will probably invite you to a coed wedding shower. The couple who invites you will probably think they're being unique, modern and creative by welcoming men into the formerly zoned for females-only bridal shower tent. Or at least half of the couple will think that (hint: the bridal half); the other half, the groom-to-be half, is a hostage in this situation and should be pitied. If you're reading this and are planning your own shower or helping a close friend plan theirs, here's a plea from the men of earth: Stop throwing coed wedding showers! And here's why: They suck. They suck for everyone. They suck for the men who are forced to participate in stupid wedding games and to watch a bride sloooooowly unwrap gifts. They suck for the women who can't fully enjoy things they might otherwise (like the aforementioned dumb wedding games or watching the bride slooooowly unwrap gifts) because they're having to worry about how every time they make eye contact with their dude, he pantomimes shooting himself in the head. And sorry, no. The suckiness is not in any way mitigated by serving liquor. (Okay, maybe like 2 percent.) But buzzed or not buzzed, we'd rather be somewhere else. Anywhere else. Trust me.

Here's a post from The Nest boards (from a woman, by the way) talking about how much fun she didn't have at one. If anyone has been to a coed shower and felt it was a roaring success, please, by all means, leave a comment. But I'm willing to wager that if this is true, a) you're a woman, and b) if you ask your guy, he'll confess that he was miserable and that he thought it sucked. That's all -- let me have it.

-- Jack

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