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Cute Pet Video Mania!

I'm a sucker for all these pet videos.

It’s about that time of the month when I need a good pick-me-up. The weather is getting a little lousier and I’m on the prowl for a good laugh.

Now, y’all know how I feel about dogs. Jack and I treat our dog, Bernard, like a newborn. Yes, we coo and have "dog voices," so when I came across this goodie on YouTube, I had to click.

Mishka, a beautiful and uber-smart husky actually talks! Now, when I heard about this, I’ll admit I scoffed a little and then immediately ran to my laptop. In this video (one of many -- I’ve seen them all) she says "I love you" and answers the question "Are you stupid?" with a resounding "Noooooo!" What's cuter than that?! Okay, maybe this sleeping puppy is, or these dining dogs.

Join in my puppy fest! Send along your cutest pup videos to us at The Nest. (I don’t discriminate, I’ll take a peek at cat ones too.)

-- Holly

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