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Would You Use a Dating Site for Married Couples?

Date night just got a little more adventurous -- and I’m all in!

I just told Jack to get ready to start dating again. No, I’m not kicking him to the curb. I’m just sooo excited about this new site that’s launching really soon -- actually, it’ll be a part of that dating site, where you suggest dates to potential paramours -- and it’ll be a dating portal just for committed couples. Woohoo! Now I can stick it to all my single friends who brag about their online dating exploits. (Okay, maybe my stories won’t be as good...barring some role-playing, of course. Wink, wink.)

The concept of the site is pretty cool, and I kind of wish I’d thought of it first. They’re offering “fully packaged date ideas,” so I can arrange for, say, restaurant reservations, a car service to pick us up and even a babysitter (if I had a baby) -- plus, they'll send Jack an email invite. Fancy! The cofounders of told The New York Times that the goal of this new site is “figuring out how to make it so that the divorce rate goes down and that it becomes the norm for people to feel like their relationship actually satisfies their existential hope.” Brilliant.

I’m game for anything that can keep the spark alive in our (admittedly still very blissful) relationship. Plus, sometimes I want to try things like rock climbing or, I don’t know, that new restaurant in NYC where you eat in complete darkness. The kinds of things I tend to keep to myself because I think Jack will just laugh at me or say something annoying like, “Can’t we just stay home and make tacos?" This sounds like the perfect platform for any number of my bright ideas. Oh, Jack is going to love this....

So what do you think -- will you use this new site to arrange date nights with your dude? What kinds of kinds of unusual date would you plan?

-- Holly