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Is It Vain to Have Photos of Yourselves All Over Your Walls?

And how many pics are too many?

We all know the couple with the poster-size prints of their wedding day splashed across the wall of their living room. And while that's not me, I'll admit that I had to hold back when it came to putting pics from our big day all over the house. Just for the record, I kept it to three prints, and two are in my home office where they won't kick up the gag reflexes of potential guests. But here's the thing: I'm super-sentimental, and I love photographs. So I'm planning on framing and hanging a ton of personal photos in the hallway of our house upstate (think: gallery style). The pictures aren't all of Jack and me -- they’re a mix of friends and family. But Jack and I make appearances in a handful of my favorites.

Now, I know that some interior design experts say that it's bad taste to put personal photos in public areas. But I say, F that! It's my house, and looking at these pictures makes me happy. (FYI: Jack is significantly less sappy than moi and doesn't really care either way.)

This thread on The Nest boards tackled the topic, with most people coming down on the side of hanging personal pictures. But I'm wondering what you guys think. And when it comes to couple pictures, how many is too many?

-- Holly

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