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Weigh In: Divorce Parties

Good, clean fun, or OMG we're all going to hell in a handbasket?

This week, Gawker ran a post about rocker Jack White and his (soon-to-be ex) model wife Karen Elson, who threw a party to announce their amicable divorce. After a marriage that lasted six years, the couple has publicly called it quits. I don't think I'm overreacting when I say that this is becoming quite the trend. After all, I read another story about this same phenomenon just a week ago in The NY Times. Hmmm. I'm giving this one some serious side eye...and here's why: So many people marry for childish, narcissistic reasons (think: big party where I, in my Miracle-Whip-parade-float-of-a-gown, will be the focus of attention). So it only follows that divorce parties, which speak to that same instinct, will catch on like wildfire.

Well, guess what? That annoys me to no end. Go ahead -- get married for dumb reasons. Go ahead, and call it quits. Que sera, sera. But don't send me a printed invitation to that shidt. Mama has better things to do on a Saturday night -- like browsing slideshows of baby skunks online. Don't get me wrong, I can see how a party like this could make things easier for friends and family who, frankly, have no clue how to behave when a couple pulls the plug (will she kill us if we stay friends with him?). But overall, I'm going to vote hell in a handbasket. (Side note: What the hell is a handbasket? Is it just a basket with handles? Or is it any basket that you can pick up with your hands? Either way, apparently, one will be ferrying my butt to Hades.) So, what sayeth you?

-- Holly

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