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Do These Jeans Make Me Look Fat?

"Yes." Now, what do you say?

I remember how I looked on my wedding day -- I’m not gonna lie, I was hawt. And I’ll be the first to admit that things went a bit downhill from there, but it’s not like I let myself go. But one of the things I love about Jack is that he will also always be the first to tell me that I look fat in my used-to-be-skinny jeans. I’ll get mad (because how dare he!), but you bet the next day I’ll be running my butt off at the gym.

A recent post on’s Café Mom community discussed how lying to your significant other can only hurt them. If you’re leading them on and saying they’re still just as attractive to you, maybe two years down the road you’ll be repulsed and they’ll be jolly (and chubby). So, who is to blame there?

The only thing that keeps me fit and healthy is the fact that I still want to feel sexy around my man. Plus, like the article on The Stir says, I want to be with Jack for the rest of my life, I don’t want heart disease (or varicose veins) to separate us. The same goes for him of course -- if he ever lets those six-pack abs turn into a keg, I’ll be changing up those heavy beers in the fridge to some Smart Waters.

What about you ladies -- does brutal honesty from your guy empower you or make you fume?

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