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Do You and Your Spouse Have an Escape Fantasy?

One couple moved to Mexico and opened an idyllic restaurant. What would you do?

I've been a big fan of The Selby for a while now. His photographs of cool people and the interiors they love are super-intoxicating -- though I could’ve lived without the bitchy-looking hipsters* he seemed to gravitate toward early on. Although I guess bitch face is the hipster's answer to duck face, so facial expressions might not be a great indicator of personality? But lately, The Selby’s been showcasing a lot more artists, many of whom aren't afraid to crack a smile. Also, some of them are old. So forget what I said a few lines back -- these people look delightful. End of plug.

Back to my original point. He recently did a really beautiful interview/pictorial for The New York Times Magazine about a cool New York couple who left the city to open up a gorgeous little restaurant in Tulum, Mexico. Even thought the couple says they’re working their butts off, the saturated images make the whole setup look oh-so-dreamy. Do you and your spouse ever fantasize about doing something like this? Jack and I have had our "if we won the lottery" talks (though neither of us actually plays the lottery), but our daydreams are fairly predictable: He'd play more music, I'd write more book-type things, and we'd both dress better. But we've never thought about running away and launching a business together somewhere exotic. What about you guys?

*Here's the thing: I'm really done with the word hipster. It's so played out. I feel deeply unhip saying or even typing it, even though I technically qualify as one. We need a new word people! The suggestion box is open.

-- Holly

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