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Do You Have a No-Shoe Rule in Your House?

Confession: Jack and I hate taking ours off.

If there were ever a place where it made complete sense to take off your shoes before entering an apartment, that place would be NYC. The streets are filthy, and article after article says that shoe removal can help reduce allergies and limit exposure to certain toxic chemicals that are just randomly sprinkled on the streets and sidewalks of the Big Apple. I know these things. I read these things. So why, when I go to a friend's house with a "shoes off" rule, am I bugged? Could it be basic, junior-high-style rebellion? For the most part, I'm a rule follower. I actually dig following rules and doing the "grown-up" thing...for the most part. But when it comes to something on my body, like clothing and shoes (and you may recall my weakness for shoes), I think I kind of resent being told what to do.

Then again, it could just be sock shame. Confession: My sock drawer is a little trag. Jack is even worse about taking his shoes off -- and I get it. His boots are giant Frankenstein numbers that take forever to remove. Plus, I've seen his socks up close, and if he isn't ashamed of them, he damn well should be. Those sum bitches are beat! Still, Jack does occasionally track dirt clods into our house upstate, and I have feebly tried to instigate a "shoes off" rule (that I promptly dropped when it was my turn).

In case you’re curious, I'm not a complete and total brat. When I visit friends’ houses and see the big pile of shoes near the door, I go ahead and remove mine -- but not before rolling my eyes and sighing (at least inwardly).

So, what's your shoe policy? See what some Nesties had to say.

-- Holly

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