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Does Having a Too-Hot Husband Spell Divorce?

Article says guys with dreamboat looks make terrible husbands. Also: Kitty cats cause heart attacks.

Leave it to The Huffington Post to find new ways to give us all the blues. Ladies, if you managed to snag yourselves a man with an ugly mug, congrats! Here's your chance to feel smug as you parade him around at your next high school reunion. After all, a man who is -- how shall we say -- tough on the eyes, or really effeminate, is 38 percent less likely to cheat on you, apparently. From the article: "Attractive men don't make the best husbands, according to researchers. Guys who are rated as the most masculine -- a billboard for a man's good genes -- tend to have more testosterone, and men with higher testosterone levels are 43 percent more likely to get divorced than men with normal levels, 31 percent more likely to split because of marital problems and 38 percent more likely to cheat. In other words, they may be better cads than dads." The article actually goes on to say a lot about Anthony Weiner and his wife, but let's ignore that part because it feels like yesterday's peen pics. And haven't we all kind of moved on?

So here's the issue: As an unlucky sap who married a hottie (don't hate me because my husband is beautiful), I'm going to call crock on this one. I'm very happily married and can say with confidence that Jack has never texted shots of his southern states to any online admirers. He manages to be both attractive and not a total douche bag -- at the SAME TIME. I know, hold the phones. But maybe you guys feel differently. Have any of you ever been in a relationship with a man who was really good-looking and left or cheated, and you felt looks played a large role?

Tell it!

-- Holly

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