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Does Visiting Family Count as a Vacation?

My friends say, "Oh, hell no!" What sayeth y'all?

This thread on The Nest boards reminded me of an interesting convo I had recently with a group of my besties. I was whining -- as is my self-pitying way -- about how Jack and I rarely take vacations. One of my girlfriends, who just got back from two weeks in Italy with her husband said, "Me neither." I was all, "WHAT???" Full disclosure: Italy is pretty much my favorite place in the world to go, and I was more than a tad jealous of her frequent jaunts over there. But my friend, whose husband is Sicilian, explained that she doesn't count her trips to Italy as real vacations since they’re really trips to visit his family. Even though she loves her in-laws, when she visits them, her time is not her own, she often feels trapped and uncomfortable, and she comes home feeling worn out rather than refreshed.

Wow, that sounds familiar! That's exactly how I feel after visiting my in-laws, and I'm crazy about them! I guess it took hearing it from a friend who gets to go somewhere exotic for it to finally hit home for me. My conclusion: Trips to visit family DO NOT count as vacations. Sadly, according to that criteria, Jack and I haven't gone on a single vacation since our honeymoon. Ouch!

Okay, your turn: Do family vacays count or not?

-- Holly

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