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Elizabeth Edwards Gets the Last Word

From beyond the grave, Edwards sends her ex down the river via video.

The National Enquirer continues to scoop all the big boys with exclusives on the ongoing Edwards case, and this week was a doozy. As you may recall, John Edwards not only cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, but after fathering a child with his mistress, he may have used campaign funds to cover up the entire affair. Before Elizabeth Edwards died in December 2010, she asked her oldest daughter, Cate, 29, to care for her much younger siblings should anything happen to John. Then she secretly filmed a tell-all video, laying out everything she knew about John and the affair, and had it sent to prosecutors. One can only imagine that the details of the tape will be damning.

Now, some of you may have a lot to say about the fury of a woman scorned and how cold Elizabeth's actions were. But I see it a bit differently: Elizabeth was a woman who believed in right and wrong, and she stood by John until she found she absolutely could not do so anymore. She then shifted her attention to her children for the last portion of her life. Satisfied that they would be safe and sound after her passing, she gave an honest testimony to prosecutors. Bottom line: This case is about whether or not a crime was committed. Aside from all the pain and anger (which Elizabeth was quite open and honest about), there were the facts of the case, and Elizabeth was privy to a lot of those. In my opinion, putting them all on tape was the right thing for her to do. Not because I'm a big fan of revenge, but because if John committed crimes, that makes him a criminal, and criminals need to legally atone. What do you think?

-- Holly

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