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Would You Have a Metal Coil Inserted into Your Fallopian Tubes?

No, that's not the world's smallest Slinky; it's Essure -- a permanent, minimally invasive birth control device.

Since Monday is World Contraception Day, we’ve been doing our homework on contraceptive measures and found out about the device you see above. While it looks like a spring that just popped out of your click pen, it's actually the most effective form of birth control out there.

Essure a contraception device

Photo by Courtesy of Essure.Com / The Nest

It’s called Essure, and here’s how it works: That spring-like device is inserted into each of your fallopian tubes permanently -- and without any incisions. Over the course of a few months, a barrier of scar tissue grows around the coils, and voila! Instant (and hormone-free) birth control that you never even have to think about.

A few of us here at The Nest were quite intrigued by this tiny coil. A few others, well, let’s just say we recoiled at the very mention of this outpatient procedure, which the company says takes about 10 minutes, feels similar to having menstrual cramps and requires pretty much no recovery time -- you can march on out of that doctor's office immediately.

I, for one, am on the “ew” side of the argument. But that’s just because I’m squeamish about implanting permanent devices in my lady parts. I mean, look at that thing (I meant the spring!).

So what about you? Would you consider using Essure or a similar device if you were done having kids?

-- Kristine Solomon

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