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Everyday addictions.

It's official; we're all into Justin Bieber whether we like it or not.

I stumbled upon an article from recently about things you do every day that are actually addictions. It’s so interesting how our brains respond to things that we aren’t even aware of.

Take the first addiction on the list: pop music. Apparently, our brains are hardwired to light up when a catchy tune comes on. In one study, researchers hooked people up to an MRI and played pop songs they’d never heard before. Turns out, our brains can actually predict a good hit -- the pleasure center in our brain goes crazy when we hear something catchy. So no matter what you might claim to enjoy, like that hip indie band that no one has heard of, like the article says, “Your brain is secretly into Justin Bieber.”

Then there’s the next item on the list: salty food. Now, I’ll admit it -- I’m a bit addicted to salt and vinegar chips, but I didn’t know I had such a problem (these Nesties are addicted to pretzels, so I’m not alone! ). Obviously our bodies need salt to survive because, according to the article, “it regulates blood pressure and keeps your nerves working.” Our bodies have no way of producing it, so our brains have actually evolved to treat the tasty condiment like it’s…well, crack. So just like with any addiction, our brain doesn’t know how to turn our cravings off, hence my incessant yearning for chips.

The last one of note: addiction to lip balm. I can’t even explain this because it seems so weird. I think it's more of a girl thing. Am I wrong about this?

Holly already put in her two cents on sex addiction. But can you believe that chewing ice is an actual addiction? Kind of makes me wonder about my daily habits -- what if brushing my teeth is an addiction? What do you guys think about this list?

-- Jack

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